Mohsen Salehi 7April -17

Welcome to my exhibition!
My name is Mohsen Salehi, 17 years old and a painter. I come from Afghanistan and I have been living in Sweden for one and a half years. I have been painting half of my life.
I paint in realistic style in watercolor. Most of my paintings are about nature but I used to paint everything and every theme. I used to use a picture to paint from but I mostly change some parts of a picture, sometimes I add some elements and sometimes I remove some objects in order to have more stories or a better composition in my painting.
I mainly use watercolor techniques – wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry and dry on wet, and also, some techniques which I have found after many years of studying watercolor or some techniques that I have learned of world-known watercolorists like: Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic and etc. By the way watercolor paints with me also, because watercolor is not controllable hundred percent, I mean sometimes, especially in wet on wet technique, watercolor paints itself and I can just watch it, we both paint together and I am not alone.
So far, I have had six exhibitions in Umeå. In Folket hus, Stadsbiblioteket and Midgårdskolan.
You can check my previous exhibitions online:
Instagram: artbysalehi